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Wedding Invitation Verses

Free Invitation Templates for: Weddings - Christmas - Graduation - Birthdays - Baby Showers and many more occasions
Wedding Invitation Wording - Baby Shower Invitation Wording and more

Invitation files are available in Word format


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Wedding Invitation Verses

On our wedding day
a new life has its start
We�ll share with each other
one love, one dream, one heart

How beautiful is the day
that is touched by love

This day I will marry
my friend, the one who
shares my dreams

One love that
is shared by two...

A fresh new day,
and it is ours,
a day of happy beginnings

Love fills the moment,
and the moment begins eternity
Love fills a lifetime,
and a lifetime begins this hour

And the two
shall become one...

The miracle of love is
that love is given to us
to give to one another...

Each of us a half...incomplete
together we are as one

This day
I will marry my friend,
the one I laugh with, live for,
dream with, love

Two hearts that
beat as one...

In the sweetness of love,
let there be laughter,
and in all our tomorrows,
the freshness of today

As our marriage
brings new meaning to love,
so our love
brings new meaning to life

With an endless love
we�ll share our thoughts,
our dreams, ourselves

The love we share today
shines from sunrise to sunrise,
growing brighter year to year
as we share our lives

The promise of our life together
is as bright as the
colors of the rainbow


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